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Our Story (True Story) 

Cat and Mouse

I’ve contemplated writing this for some time now. My main objective was to keep a journal of our entire first year together, but we never did quite make it. That is okay, though I knew this day would come and I tried to prepare myself for it best that I could; even though, it’s still awfully painful. I guess that just has to do with the fact that I truly loved you more than life itself. But, the main purpose of this article is to tell you all a story of the first girl I have ever loved.

The overall amount of time that I have known this woman is approximately two years, four months, five days and around six to 7 hours. (For the most part, I did keep track of how we met, when we met and how long we have known each other. It is not completely accurate, but it is extremely close.) The first two years were more or less just liking pictures and trying to get the other person to notice or at least send a message first. We are both shy people so this method just dragged the situation out. (It was to the point that she would like pictures from months ago just to get me to notice her and I found it cute, but intriguing.)

It was my freshman year in college when she first started following me in 2014 and of course, I unknowingly fell for her two years ago. I had just gotten out of a relationship from high school, so talking to someone new wasn’t really on my to-do list. So, we just liked each other’s photos on Instagram for the next week. At the time I didn’t pay any heed to what was going on, but I seemed to like this game of social media cat and mouse. The game would start at honestly any time throughout the day. It was always one like here or another over here, but whoever started it first the other person would always be there to like just as many photos as the last person.

More importantly, my feelings grew more intense with the passing of each month. Well, up until my second semester of college when I finally realized how fond of her I was. For me to have fallen so deep into a noncommunicative ritual seemed almost absurd, but so delightful at the same time. It was almost like constantly going into your favorite store and picking up the pair of shoes you’ve always wanted; just to put them down and never purchase them. Enough was enough, so instead of just outright messaging her, I laid a trap on Instagram just to truly see how she felt about me.

To elaborate, I posted a picture that said, “Like this picture for a to be honest.” (I know this was a complete cliche, but I am a shy person and I didn’t want to just confront someone else who is just as shy as I was.) It was more or less fishing at this point, but without actual fish and the bait was a post that had to be liked. Plus, she was an extremely beautiful woman. How is one such as myself suppose to approach someone like that? I do understand that she was liking my photos as much as I was liking her’s, but couldn’t that just be common courtesy? My self-esteem is at a decent level for someone my age, but just looking at her made me feel a little weak and dazed.

Then, a couple of minutes have gone by and still nothing on her end. Not even so much as an accidental like. After a while, I was kind of giving up hope and then a random notification for Instagram pops up. I am hesitant to click the box to see if it is from her or not. I take all my remaining courage and click the box and sure enough, it came from the only woman I wanted liking the picture. I sit for some time and think of all the things I could possibly say to her and I am truly speechless for once in my life. (I say this a little bit more dramatically because I am a writer and I couldn’t think of anything to say.)

Besides, could I really mess up my first words to a woman like this? From what I recall I bring up the fact that all we do is like one another’s photos for months, but we never say anything. Her response was pretty adorable, “I  didn’t know how to approach you, so I just liked a bunch of your photos so you would text me first.” All I could do is just smile at how shy she was and I said, “I am a pretty nice guy, saying hello would have worked for me honestly.” I continue to flirt with everything I have and finally come out and ask for her phone number and if we could hang out sometime. She agrees to both and sends her number immediately afterward. I was actually in my Intro to Fiction class when all of this was taking place, so did a little “sigh” of relief. Only to realize that my “sigh” was a little too loud. The professor had stopped doing what he was doing to look towards the back of the room to see which one of us had made the sound. Granted I was a little embarrassed that some of the other students looked at me, but I obviously didn’t care because I finally got her number.

Subsequently, everything from that point forward seemed to go smoothly without a hitch. We texted from the time she said good morning, till around the time she fell asleep around seven to eight in the evening. There was only one problem we always seemed to come across and that was we have been texting for about a month; but we still haven’t hung out one time, even though we’ve made plans tons of times. I was beginning to wonder if it was me or maybe she just didn’t like me as much as I assumed she did. Was I not intelligent enough, attractive enough or maybe I just didn’t have any appealing features overall. With overzealous anxiety and nights spent wondering. I finally came out and asked the question that has been on my mind for days, “do you not want to hang out with me because you don’t like me?” Time goes by and she finally responds with, “I am scared to meet you because I’ve never liked someone as much as I like you.”

Perhaps, I jumped the gun a little bit because most people normally hang out when you like one another. She was honestly scared of meeting me for the first time and I have never had a woman say that to me before. I pondered about all of my options and then I finally came to the conclusion that she might have had a lot of bad relationships in the past. I know it has to be a stretch, but you shouldn’t be scared of meeting a guy you clearly like, right? So, I do some investigative work and start asking her a lot of inconspicuous questions about her past relationships and how long she normally stays in relationships. My evidence was inconclusive and didn’t really lead to the answers I wanted. I tried one last ditch attempt and asked, “did you ever get used for a one night stand?” The conversation seemed to go south quickly because her next response was a simple, “I will text you later.” My heart sank and I felt awful about asking her something so sensitive. I had no right to delve into her past the way I did, but how else was I suppose to know that she was used in the past by other guys?

Furthermore, I think I ruined my only chances I had at being with her. I didn’t hear from her in a couple of days and then finally I got a response from her. She asked me if I truly wanted to hear about her past with different guys and if I would be bothered with it. I don’t think I have ever responded to a text faster than the one she just sent me. I told her that I wanted to hear everything about her because I really liked her. So, for the next hour or so she texted me everything I wanted to know. I asked her just about anything and everything I could. I finally came to the realization that she was somewhat like I was. Used and forgotten by the people that either cheated on us or only wanted one thing from us. I have never met a person like her, especially one I could relate to. Every time I explain my situation to a girl I am speaking to or dating, they never seem to fully grasp what it feels like to be cast to the side and used. Well, until I came across this phenomenal woman and starting accepting my true feelings for her.

However, we never did get to see each other because she just up and vanished for months. I couldn’t tell you where she went or what I did, but she didn’t come back to almost the end of the year. Coming to find out there was someone closer to her than I was and they got into a relationship. The most upsetting part was, I truly liked her for her. Of course, I have seen her face and body through pictures, but our connection came strictly through our words and minds. Which, is my favorite way to fall for a person I am interested in. I love interacting with people through words and conversations and creating a bond from those same intangible thoughts. After a while, I moved on because I didn’t think she would ever come back to me.

Besides, waiting for her to come back hurt more than anything else. So, I took it upon myself to try to forget about her. I hung out with more friends from college, went on dates and even went out to a couple of parties. Months go by and I end up in another relationship the fall of 2015 and still no word from her. I just went on with my life like she had never existed, even though I knew deep down that my feelings for her were still strong. The year 2015 comes and goes and I lost yet another relationship to cheating and deceit. So, I entered the new year alone as per usual to my lifestyle. About maybe a month or two into 2016 she reappeared out of the blue. We weren’t following each other on social media anymore, but I woke up in the middle of the night to a follow request on Instagram. I was curious about who this could be, but I didn’t get my hopes up so I didn’t even look at it. I went back into my room and slowly started falling back asleep.

I was in a daze because when I awoke the next morning the notification that I ignored last night was the only girl I think about. I quickly added her and followed her back to see if she had any new photos of herself and sure enough I wasn’t disappointed. So many wonderful smiles and beautiful poses. I couldn’t help falling in love with everything she was and everything we could possibly be together. She started her usual routine of liking all of my photos she hasn’t seen before and I followed suit. Within a couple of minutes of us double tapping our screens, I got a text message from her saying, “hey” with a smiley face. I immediately send my text explaining everything I have gone through since she’s been gone and asking her how she has been. She then replied with everything that happened to her and we basically had the same story at the end of the conversation. Our usual, getting in a relationship, thinking things are different and then getting used or just completely left behind.

We could only grow closer together at this point because our relation to our hurt feelings was bringing us together. Who better to be in a relationship with than someone who knows exactly what you have gone through? Well, it looked like I spoke too soon again because she vanished again without a trace from my life. It was around the same time again and exactly for the same reasons again. She was too terrified to see me in person for the first time. So, as usual, I went on with my life like nothing ever happened again. I vowed to myself from that moment on to abstain from being in any relationship until she comes back to me. I wanted to prove to her that all I want is her and her only, even though I never knew what she wanted.

Months come and go once again and I was still single with the exception of some in between tomfoolery. But, I digress, nothing could shift my mind or feelings from this mystery woman. She just shows up in my life and shakes everything up and then she vanishes just like like the snow outside around Spring time. I was just starting to give up hope until she came back October 28th, 2016. Just three days before Halloween and about eight days before the first time we hung out.

When we started texting again, I told her about how I felt and how I wanted things to go this time. She finally opened up and admitted her feelings for me were about the same as mine. I told her that I want to see her and I don’t want any more games between us. After some weird pause in our conversation, she asks me if I live in Kokomo still. I told her I still live here because of college so of course. She told me if I wanted I can come to her house and pick her up and drive around. I got cold chills and got extremely anxious about meeting her in person for the first time. I was beside myself on this, even though this is the moment I have been dreaming of for almost two years at this point. I agree to this and I get ready and with my destination being her house. But, before I showed up to her house I told her she owed me a kiss for all the times she dropped plans when it came to hanging out with me. She actually agreed to my terms and it made me feel even more anxious than I already was.

After about ten minutes of driving, I arrive at her home across town. It’s a dark neighborhood, but her home seemed warm and normal amongst the rest of the houses around. I text her that I am outside and she comes outside for me to see her for the first time in person. I quickly jump out of the car and open the passenger door for her. She kind of stopped a little bit and awkwardly asked me, “oh, did you really have to open the door?” I told her that’s just common courtesy and I just like being this way with an awkward smirk on my face. She gets in and I shut the door behind her. I jump in the driver side door and start putting my seat belt on, but then I slowly stopped because I could smell her faintly. It was one of the most intoxicating smells I have ever had the pleasure of smelling. I put the rest of the seatbelt on and started the car back up. We took off down the road headed back to the main road to just do a couple of laps while we talk.

The first couple of minutes were spent awkwardly sitting in silence because we truly didn’t know what to say to one another. I finally broke the silence and asked her about her family and why it took her so long to hang out with me again. She sat for a few and finally started talking about her family and who she lives with. They all sounded like interesting people and hopefully one day I would have the pleasure of meeting them. She then spoke softly about her ex and the fact that she was still scared of seeing me in person. So, her not wanting to see me didn’t have anything to do with me, which was great news. For the next couple of hours we rode around and just talked about anything and everything like this was the first time we have ever spoken to each other. I never thought that night would end up being one of the most important nights of my life.

I glanced over at the time and it was getting closer and closer to midnight and she seemed to be getting tired so I told her I was taking her home. By the time we pulled up to her home she was dozing off and waking back up. I stared at her and started chuckling softly to myself and she said, “it’s not funny, I am just tired!” I paused my laughter for a little bit and told her I just came up with the most perfect nickname for her. She oddly looked at me and asked me about the  so-called “nickname.” I looked at her and smiled softly and said, “I am glad we got to hang out tonight, Sleepy.” She smiled at me and told me that it was never going to be her nickname, even though I could tell she liked it. (This nickname literally stuck with her for the next couple of months and it has defined how much she means to me as a person.)

We sit and silence for a few after we got done laughing and talking about how “sleepy” she looked. She finally broke the silence and said she going to head inside to go to sleep. I said, “I think you owe me something before you go.” She stared at me for a couple of seconds and finally started up again and said, “Are you serious?” I told her I was being dead serious and I wanted what I was owed. She told me it was fine and leaned in and grabbed the side of my face to pull me in closer. Our lips locked for the first time and that feeling can’t be explained or described in a million words. My brain shut off and for the first time I honestly felt powerless to do anything, but kiss this woman with all of my emotions. After we separated from the first kiss she pulled me in for two smaller ones and said, “We always have to kiss three times, okay?” Obviously, I didn’t say no because I could barely think hard enough to do anything else but nod my head yes.

The passenger door opened and she bid me a goodnight and closed the door behind her. I got to see her walk away for the first time and I wasn’t disappointed. Her hips swayed back and forth and her hair was almost in a trance-like dance with the way her hips were moving back and fourth. It was almost hypnotic to see a woman like this walk away for the very first time. I took the car out of the park and backed the car out of her driveway and started down the street to the main road to my house. My phone was playing music through the car and one of my favorite songs came on. It was The Frays, Look After You song. I turned it all the way up and started screaming at the lyrics while I drove down the road with high spirits. This was the start of my first adventure towards true love and a story full of romance and pain. I didn’t know that this would be the first time I would truly ever fall in love and maybe the last time too.

(If you ever need me, I will always be here for you. Don’t ever forget that.)







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Falling In Love For The First Time

Being the Hopeless Romantic that I am. You would think I would have experienced true love for the first time way before this point in my life. It’s such an abrasive and overwhelming feeling to fall in love with someone for the first time. When it first enters your heart, you won’t notice it at first. You’ll only notice the change when you spend too much time apart from the one you love, or you start to feel lonely when you see something that reminds you of that person. Also, the only thing you can ever seem to think of is that person and why you can’t always be by their side.

Love is such an elusive and terrifying emotion when it finally takes hold of your life. You simply go from just liking someone’s presence, talking to them and simply just living in the same world as the person you like; But, love makes you lose clarity, it makes you yearn for that person’s presence at times when you can’t even understand why you need them and instead of just living your life you want your life to be lived with that person. Once you start realizing all of this, then its most likely already too late.

Furthermore, this isn’t just puppy love we are talking about here. If you can truly imagine yourself either living together, working towards buying your first home, never giving up on them, actually buying that ring or receiving it and then you can imagine what your kids would look like. Then, it is probably safe to say that you’ve been in love for a while and didn’t even notice it. This isn’t a checklist of the things you need to think about to consider yourself in love, but it’s a decent sign.

More importantly, there are other signs of love that are more impactful on your life than those listed above.

  • Have you ever just stopped what you were doing to think about your other half and smiled fondly about a memory of you two?
  • Do you sometimes feel or smell their precense even though you havent been around them in days?
  • You constantly bring them up in almost every conversation you have with your friends or family.
  • Every time you say their name it brings you happiness for the rest of the day.
  • Seeing them makes you forget about everything else in the world because you know at that very moment you are at your happiest.
  • After every fight all you ever want to do is make up and forget it ever happened.
  • It doesnt matter if things get bad, we still only have eyes for one another.
  • Even if you walk away one day, you still look forward to recieving that “I am sorry text.”
  • You never choose to give up because you know that your relationship is far too important to you.
  • Loving one another generates a silent warmth that others can clearly pick up on.
  • At the end of the day, wherever that person is. Thats where home truly is.
  • In conclusion, falling in love for the first time is something that will always catch you off guard. But, I would say embrace every part of the experience because it’s worth it if the feelings are mutual. ( I also can’t say that this is the same feelings for most people, but this is strictly my opinion.)

    (One last note: I fell in love with someone and it’s a wonderful feeling, but everything I wrote are my opinion on how I felt when I first noticed what I was truly feeling.)

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Being A Slave To Your Kindness Will Drain Your Soul

Have you ever gotten tired of saying all the thank you’s, yes, please’s and the amount of time you spend trying to please people who could care less? It seems to be a common curse among people who have a high kindness levels and people who can’t stop being too nice (Unfortunately I am both of these people and I can’t seem to stop.) There really is no known cure for being too kind and genuine; even though, some people would laugh at this and question why I act like this is some disease. It might not be an illness, but you will eventually get emotionally sick and mentally sick because of the amount of psychological damage you will take from being walked all over.

Furthermore, this type of lifestyle will never seem to leave your side. Even when you choose to rude or unseemly, your kindness will step in and sit you down with a nice cup of tea and apologize for whatever you didn’t do. It seems like no matter what you do or how hard you keep trying to stand up for yourself it never quite works. You want to say sorry for everything you didn’t do or just let people abuse your help, even though there are days you have to save the world. (Obviously not save the world, but some people are just that bust nowadays.)

More importantly, you can’t ever seem to say no or walk away from someone toxic even if they poison your life. The good in you wants them to see the error in their ways, but that error never seems to be seen by people who are choosing to blind themselves. This so called blindness would be called the “Shutters” of life. The shutters act like an automatic guilt eraser, they blind whomever has them from all the disasters they have caused; or blinds them from possible situations that could be fixed, but tells them to not intervene. (Ex: If a kid fell in a pond and this person had the “Shutters” activated they would simply walk by and not listen for the muffled cries of that child.)

Also, this behavior actually isn’t just stuck to people who you might find at work or your local school. This can also account for family members who know what to say and when to say it to get you to do anything. It might be extremely sad to know this fact, but its the truth and there honestly isn’t much you can do to change people like that. Even if you confront the elephant in the room, most of them will ignore the problem and go on to the next kind victim/fool who can’t say no.

In conclusion, most people would say the obvious thing to do is say no and be done with this entire problem, but it isn’t that simple. Your conscious punishes you for trying to slightly leave your “Comfort Zone of Kindness.” (We should honestly label that as an actual phrase in Psychology, just saying.) There are some times when I can tell people no or I just ignore their demands, but saying no just drains my soul. It’s okay to be kind and nice, but don’t let that be an invitation for people’s feet to be all over you.

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Being “Black” Isn’t What Defines You

I hate the famous lines, “You are black” or “You are from Africa.” Those two lines out of an ignorant man’s mouth can ruin my entire day. Being “black” isn’t possible because black is the darkest color in the spectrum. You are basically the absence of light itself. For most people that know me, I am a light shade of brown. Probably the lightest brown you can be in the ethic group I am from (which is pretty rare). To be black is to admit to an invisible shackle that locks around your ankle. You are mentally accepting a fate of indentured slave-hood and most people find pride in a color that can’t even exist in someone’s pigment.

If you were to go to a famous all “black” school and you were to look around, we could all agree that everyone there would be some shade of brown. Even the inhabitants of an African tribe can’t be the color “black,” and people that are of European descent can’t be “white.” These colors don’t make sense in the year 2016, and yet we still use them to label everyone into one category. How can you call a grown man a color that isn’t even 40 shades close to his actual skin color? It is actually a little insulting in my case, and I know the same can’t be said for a lot of people from my ethnic group, but I can say that it is offensive when I tell people to just call me “light-skinned” or “Moorish American,” but yet they still call me black or African (I am not black or from Africa, for the people that don’t know.)

Lastly, it is hard to find a job when the only box you can check on a application is “African American” for anyone who looks like me. It’s like being born and bred into a box of crippling inequality. All I was taught was to hate my skin tone when I was tossed out to the world. Then I was turned around later on in my teens to wear a label of color like a shirt. First you want me to have hatred for the brown skin I was given and now you want me to label everything as “black and beautiful.” This color should not control your life or define you as a human being. You are the master of your own fate and what color you are should never stop you from succeeding.


What It Means To Be A True Writer.

Just from reading the title of this article, most of you should already know what I mean. Being a writer should be everything to you, and it should be what makes you whole at the end of the day. It suffocates your brain, and it sends you on an imagination roller coaster. From the time you get up, to the time you go to sleep, there was probably hundreds of things you wanted to write about. Your descriptive prowess is probably on a level of enlightenment, but you probably have tons of trouble defining yourself to other people. Being a writer is a gift from the heavens, but a deadly curse that seems to trap you at all costs.

You want to tell the world about anything and everything, but you get stuck just on the title of what you are writing. You can’t quite figure out who you want to write to, and you have a million things you might want to write about. Also, you spend hours on what words might spice up what you put into a paper or the fact that the same words could kill your entire article. When you finally think you have written the paper of the gods, something seems off, and you might end up scraping your entire work of art.

There were some days that I have finished papers that have called for six pages easily, but your soul couldn’t find anything to love about it. So, you throw it all away just to start from the beginning again, even though what you had in the first place could probably please your teachers or readers. Being a writer is about the world enjoying what you write, but it’s also putting your own soul on the line, and if your inner self isn’t happy, then your writing is probably suffering just as much as you.

Your paper and pencil are breathing entities that you share your body, mind and soul with. Taking away writing will surely kill you (figuratively), because death would be far greater than never writing again. Even now as we speak, I struggle through the words I want to get across to my readers, but I can’t quite get them to come out of my mind. Your brain thinks of thousands of things to write down, and you could easily go sailing off topic onto something else you might want to write more. One second you could be writing about the lovely weather and end up on a book you’ve been wanting write for months now; but in the corner one of your fictional characters is probably shaking their head at how indecisive you are.

We could probably agree that you just are not one person, but instead multiple people and personalities all at once. Writing multiple stories and topics makes you act out how your fictional characters will come alive and how they will conduct themselves in their fictional societies. Actors might take on another persona for their next role, but a writer is all of their personas in one. You might be in a nonfiction world, but being a true writer helps you soar free with the wings of fiction.

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How To Care For Women Who Have Been Mistreated and Forgotten.

Lets start this off by stating the obvious fact here. Mistreating women is a grotesque thing that should never happen under any circumstances. It’s already bad enough that the world has basically turned it’s back on our fellow women; but now we make matters worse by stepping over them like unwanted garbage. We can all agree that most women don’t feel this way about themselves; but what about the ones who have been used all of their lives? They can’t quite come back to a normal reality because they never experienced what normal can feel like.

Furthermore, they can’t get the healing and love they need from men around the world and that’s because we choose to go out of our way to ignore them. Most men think to themselves, “why bother” and “they are far too emotional to deal with” only because they don’t want (damaged goods). It’s almost the same philosophy most people use when they drive past thrift stores or garage sales. Why deal with someone else’s property when I can just go get the same thing brand new? (This is actually really prevalent in our day in age.)

Although, there is nothing wrong with this mentality, but we she also take into consideration that most of these women are wonderful human beings that deserve love just like anyone else. Lets look at it this way. We could go to the local plant store and buy a packet of rose seeds to plant in your front garden. You take said seeds home and plant them and water them each and every day, but you completely forgot about the ones you planted weeks ago. You come across the old roses and notice that they have withered and lost all of their wonderful colors, but they are not quite dead yet. You were being neglectful and preoccupied by the new plants growing in your front yard that you forgot to check your old ones in the back. Your friend comes by and takes the old flowers off your hands and plants the roses in the front of his house and waters them every day and keeps the harmful bugs away. Also, they get the same amount of sun your new roses get and in a couple of days they are back to their beautiful shade of red.

It can be seen from the above analysis that, a man with a strong nurturing hand can bring anything back to life with just patience and the will to love it with everything in his heart. Why can’t the same be said about our mistreated women around the world? It might take extra effort and some TLC, but at the end of the day she will blossom into a woman worthy of your patience and love. There are obviously steps you need to take to make sure she understands that you wont hurt her in anyway and that you won’t leave her side when times get tough.

  • Showing her compassion and understanding of her past should normally be first.
  • Letting her know what she went through wasn’t her fault.
  • Reassuring her how important she is to you whenever she feels a little distressed or beside herself. (You should always do this with any woman)
  • Make it a routine to be around her, so that she knows you enjoy her company.
  • Make her feel like her ideas and voice are an important aspect of your life. (This will let her know that what shes says can be important. While also giving her the power to speak her mind and not hide her emotions.)
  • Show her that she is a wonderful part of your daily life by bringing her around friends and family. (This shows her that you are not embarrassed to be seen with her and it would probably boost her self-esteem to know that more people appreciate her being with you vise-versa.)
  • Value her as someone who is equal to you and never make her feel like she is beneath you.
  • Establish early trust with her and make sure she knows you have nothing to hide from her. (Most women who have been misused and abused already come with built in trust issues, so make sure to tell her everything and anything she wants to know!)
  • Give her space if she really needs it and let her come to you for comfort when shes ready. (THIS CAN’T BE RUSHED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES!)
  • Always keep your ears open because you never know when she will want to open up about everything she has gone through. (Once again, don’t rush this. It takes time.)
  • Lastly, learn to love her from her soul and everything else will fall into place. (Obviously there are more steps to follow, but I think this are the ones that hit home for my important list.)

In conclusion, I dedicated this article to someone I currently hold dear to me and I wanted to show her that there is still a light at the end of the tunnel. If you know of any other women struggling through life because of what they have gone through. Let them read this and tell them everything will be okay. There will be a day in the future when all of this will become a reality. If you have no one, then you at least have a writer like me putting the good word out of all the women mistreated. (Sounded less corny in my head when I said those exact words at the end.)

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Loving The Girl Who is In Love With Someone Else

Have you ever had feelings for a person, then coming to find out that same person was in love with another person? It is a pain I assume most people my age have gone through. You think that your every word and every move is getting through to this person, but it never quite works out for you. We all try to get ourselves noticed by this person, but you just can’t quite get there in enough time. That special person always seems to be just out of your reach. Most of them time it kills your entire mood, even though you never had that person to begin with.

I wish I could tell you that things like this are okay or maybe you will be fine at the end of the day; but I am sorry to say that this isn’t that type of article. Love hurts and it will always continue to hurt, even when you meet that special person and you live happily ever after. Love will forever be at the top of the pain chart for most people because when you get hurt emotionally it never seems to leave your soul. Maybe one day she will eventually notice your efforts and realize how great you are. When that day comes never let that person go, but make sure to cherish everything about that moment too.

Loving another person from a distance defiantly takes the energy out of your life, even though you don’t want to give up just in case they want you too. This entire situation is usually like a game of chess, your whole objective is to take the king at all costs. You waste all of your pawns (time), sacrifice your rooks (strength), abandon your knights (chivalry), lose your bishops (mental capacity) and forsake your own queen (your passion). When the board clears from the fight and the only thing that stands is your king, one must consider knocking it over to forfeit or keep jumping spaces. If you continue to jump the spaces around the board you will soon realize that you are cornered and you lose the last thing you were protecting (your love).

At the end of the day, you must think to yourself. Is this one-sided love affair really worth it?